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Our School

St Thomas More Primary School Mt Eliza

St Thomas More’s School is a Catholic Parish Primary School located in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. The school was established in 1981 and is an integral part of the St Thomas More Parish community. With approximately 290 students, our school enjoys many of the advantages of being a smaller community. We recognise and value the strength of our vibrant community and are enriched by the partnerships between staff, parents, students and parish. We firmly believe that Catholic school communities are most effective when teachers, staff and parents work together to educate the whole child emotionally, academically, physically, socially and spiritually.


St Thomas More Primary School is set within a stunning bushland setting which provides a uniquely beautiful learning environment for our students. School facilities include dedicated Prep, Junior, Middle and Senior blocks where classrooms are spacious, bright and welcoming. In addition to these, the school has a STEM room, a well-stocked library, a recently renovated multi-purpose area, a visual arts area, performing arts space and wellbeing hub. A state-of-the-art gymnasium is used for PE, school assemblies and other special events. Children are blessed with expansive grounds that provide many generous spaces for outdoor learning, fitness and play. They include a huge grassed oval, outdoor basketball courts, two adventure playgrounds and plenty of shaded spaces for passive and imaginative play.


At St Thomas More we strive to provide a contemporary, high-quality education for every student. Through our learning and teaching programs children are encouraged to become resilient and independent learners who question, reflect, take risks, critique, analyse and act. Teaching programs are personalised to meet the needs of individual students and are based on the rigorous and consistent use of student data to ensure maximum growth in student learning.


Student learning is further enhanced by a wide range of specialist programs. Specialist classes include Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and STEM. Students learn Japanese as an additional language and this is embedded into the classroom as part of the learning that takes place every day.


Student wellbeing is also of utmost importance to all at St Thomas More. Our key values of respect, integrity, service and empathy are taught and lived in every classroom and underpin all interactions in and around our school. A range of programs and initiatives also support students in the area of social and emotional learning. These include regular wellbeing classes, class meetings, social skills groups and lunchtime clubs. These initiatives and others ensure that children feel a strong sense of safety and belonging to school and provide the best possible environment for learning to take place.

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Our Vision

St Thomas More Primary School Mt Eliza

We are a welcoming, inclusive community, 

growing in faith, love and knowledge,

nurturing resilient, life-long learners, 

empowered to make a difference.


Our Mission

We are a welcoming, inclusive community…

At St Thomas More we believe everything we do is guided by our Catholic faith. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and caring environment for all in our community, where each individual is known, valued and respected.


Growing in faith, love and knowledge…

As a Catholic school, our beliefs and traditions are central to all that we do. We strive to develop a faith filled community of people who are empowered to serve others, ensuring that our Catholic values guide our actions, decisions and interactions.

Nurturing resilient, lifelong learners…

The dedicated staff at St Thomas More are committed to providing every student in our care with an exemplary education. Staff work collaboratively, using student data and the latest educational research, to plan high quality learning experiences that meet the needs of each individual and ensure they reach their full potential.

Empowered to make a difference…

At St Thomas More, education is a holistic journey shaping not just minds but also character, resilience, and adaptability. Through rich inquiry learning, students gain a deeper understanding of the world, empowering them as lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens. Our Religious Education programs and social justice initiatives encourage students to embody Gospel values by caring for others and making a positive difference in the world around them.

Meet the Team

Martine Verhagen.jpg

Martine Verhagen


Sarah Anderson.jpg

Sarah Anderson

Deputy Principal

Learning and Teaching Leader


Fr Patrick Bradford

Parish Administrator


Dani O’Connor

Administration/Finance Officer

Baczyk, Suzanne.jpg

Suzanne Baczyk

Administration Learning Support Officer

Gianna Hakim.jpg

Gianna Hakim

Junior Teacher

Learning Diversity Leader

Coassin, Lorraine_edited.jpg

Lorraine Coassin

Prep Teacher 

Wellbeing Leader

Mandy Shankie_edited_edited_edited_edite

Mandy Shankie

Middle Teacher

Religious Education Leader

Cindy Kenny_edited_edited.jpg

Cindy Kenny

Junior Teacher

Learning Leader

Cicchini, Nicole.jpg

Nicole Cicchini

Senior Teacher

Learning Leader

Elise Wilson.jpg

Elise Wilson

Junior Teacher

Emilie Wilson.jpg

Emilie Wilson

Prep Teacher

Olivia Klopper.jpg

Olivia Klopper

Senior Teacher 

Nadine Boundy.jpg

Nadine Boundy

Senior Teacher

Jill Chaplin_edited.jpg

Jill Chaplin Senior Teacher



Luisa Parashis

Middle Teacher

Aaron Juliff.jpg

Aaron Juliff

Senior Teacher

Karla Conlon_edited.jpg

Karla Conlon

Junior Teacher

Denise Ferguson.jpg

Denise Ferguson

Prep Teacher


Jessica Bateman

Junior Teacher

Vanessa Carbis.jpg

Vanessa Carbis

PE Teacher


Lauren Koziol

Japanese Coach


Julia Allsopp

STEM Teacher


Nicole Lee

Music & Performing Arts Teacher


Samantha Flynn

Art Teacher

Waddell, Mitchell_edited.jpg

Mitch Waddell

Casual Relief Teacher

Goodall, Jacki_edited.jpg

Jacki Goodall

Learning Support Officer

Stocker, Lorraine_edited.jpg

Lorraine Stocker


Support Officer

Vallesi, Annalisa.jpg

Annalisa Vallesi

Learning Support Officer

Beasley, Debbie.jpg

Debbie Beasley

Learning Support Officer

Elise Wiseman_edited.jpg

Elise Wiseman

Learning Support Officer


Jane Munns

Learning Support Officer


Chelsea Donohue

Learning Support Officer


Anna Manion

Learning Support Officer


Learning Spaces

We are fortunate to have a variety of different learning spaces at STM. Such spaces include:

  • Bright, welcoming classrooms

  • Well resourced library

  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) space

  • Visual Art Room

  • Performing Arts Room

  • State of the art gym/indoor basketball court

  • Multipurpose Room (including canteen/kitchen)

  • Spacious oval featuring soccer goals, AFL goals, cricket pitch and picnic tables

  • Basketball courts

  • Two adventure playgrounds

  • Natural spaces for imaginative play

  • Enviro Trail and outdoor classroom

  • Kitchen Garden

Learning Spaces

Outside School Hours Care (Camp Autralia)

At St Thomas More Primary School, we are delighted to be able to offer our families an OSHC program that operates onsite from our Multipurpose Room.  This program is run by Camp Australia and staffed by dedicated educators who deliver enriching experiences to our children Before School, After School and on Pupil Free Days.


At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, the experienced team of educators are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and engaging space for each child to relax, learn and grow. Every experience is tailored to the needs of the children and focused on developing their curiosity, imagination and resilience. At Camp Australia, children are at the heart of everything they do. 

Follow the link below to read about Camp Australia’s program at St Thomas More’s Primary.


Snapshot of Our Day

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